Syllabus for Calculus I, MAT 175, Spring 2006


Professor: C. Sormani (200B Gillet Hall 1-4pm Wednesdays) sormani (at) comet
Prerequisite: MAT 172 (C+ and up strongly recommended), All students are encouraged to attend an Intensive Precalculus Review Session offered by the department in the second-third week of classes.
Corequisite:  MAT 155 to learn Maple Classic
You must be registered for a section of MAT155 to take this course.
Text: Larson, Hostetler and Edwards, Calculus (Early Transcendentals)
Houghton Mifflin, Do not buy the single variable version.
Textbook's Webpage at
Supplies: A spiral notebook of graph paper for notes. A cheap scientific calculator with buttons for sin, cos, tan, Ln, and Log. A more expensive calculator which can differentiate will not be permitted.
Homework: Approximately 2 hours of homework will be assigned each meeting and additional review assignments will be given on weekends. I will be adding additional homework beyond that assigned on the official syllabus which will below under each lesson.
Timing: This syllabus corresponds directly to the MAT 155 syllabus and should not fall more than one lesson behind schedule. Students who need extra help on any topic should go to the department's tutoring center.
Grading: Exam I is 30 percent, Exam II is 30 percent, Final is 35 percent, Classwork 5 percent. Students who are not prepared to take Calculus II will not be passed. Students who plan to take Calculus II should aim for A's. Math majors should be sure to learn all the proofs.


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