Precalculus, MAT172, Fall 2005

Monday, Wednesday 10:00-11:50 am, Gillet Hall 333

Professor: Christina Sormani, Office Hours: Gillet Hall 200B, Mon Wed 12-1:30 pm, Email: sormani at
Text: R. Larson and R.P. Hostetler Precalculus, Houghton Mifflin Company 6th Edition
Prerequisite: MAT104 or placement by the ACT math exam. Note that if your grade in MAT104 is a C or below or you took the prerequisite over a year ago, it is strongly recommend that you review the course material either by sitting in the class again or by redoing your old homework assignments.
Homework: Approximately 2 hours of homework will be assigned each meeting and additional review assignments will be given on weekends. Since we only meet once the first and second weeks, four hours worth of homework have been assigned. All answers are in the back of the book so check each answer before proceeding to the next problem and work together to figure out your mistakes. At the beginning of each lesson the students will present *ed problems. To present a problem you must arrive early and write it up on the board including the precise statement of the problem and detailed work towards the solution.
Math Lab: All students should plan on spending at least an hour a week at the Math Lab in Gillet 222. Some faculty may require proof of attendance.
Grading: Three exams and a final have been scheduled in this syllabus. The final is only 30% of your grade. The other three exams are 20% of the grade each. 10% of the grade will be based on classwork including posting *ed problems on the blackboard. Students who are not prepared to take Calculus I at the end of the semester will not be passed.

Syllabus: (the homework will be posted on the webpage)

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