Syllabus for College Now Precalculus, MAT172

Professor Sormani,

Mondays and Wednesday 4:05-5:55pm: We do not meet Mon Feb 20, Wed Feb 22, Apr 17, Wed Apr 12, Apr 19.
Text: R. Larson and R.P. Hostetler Precalculus, Houghton Mifflin Company 6th Edition (pick up at 189 Carmen Hall before Wed class)
Supplies: A spiral notebook of graph paper for notes. A cheap scientific calculator with buttons for sin, cos, tan, Ln, and Log.
We have 28 lessons to prepare you for calculus. Be ready for a fast fun course that will challenge you like never before.
If you've never seen the movie "Stand and Deliver", rent it now and watch it with your family so they know what you're up to.
Homework: Odd problems have answers in the back of the text so you can check your work before proceeding to the next problem. Working with study partners can make homework easier and more fun. Help is available at the Math Lab Gillet Hall 222 Monday-Thursday, and in my office, Gillet 200B, Monday and Wednesday 2-4pm. You may also email me questions: Special graded homework projects are part of the final grade.
Exam I is 15%, Exam II is 20%, Classwork is 5%,
Max/Min Project, Inverses Project, Trig Project, Credit Card Project Inverses of Functions with Exponenetials Project are 5% each totalling 30%,
The final is 30% of the grade.