Third Annual

CUNY Geometric Analysis Conference

The Laplace and Length Spectra

February 3-5, 2006

Participants, Reprints and Preprints:

  1. Cristina Abreu-Suzuki, SUNY Old Westbury
    suzukic at
  2. Mikhail Alyurov, Columbia University (student)
    Aloff-Wallach Spaces: Volumes, Curvatures, Injectivity Radii" preprint
  3. Sergei Artamoshin, CUNY Graduate Center (student)
    artasergen (at)
  4. Alina Badus, University of Pennsylvania (student)
  5. Lewis Bowen, Indiana University
    "A Generalization of the Prime Geodesic Theorem to Counting Conjugacy Classes of Free Subgroups of a Hyperbolic Group" preprint
  6. Andrew Bulawa, SUNY at Stony Brook (student)
  7. Peter Buser, EPF Lausanne
    Talk: TBA
  8. Maria Calle, Courant Institute (student)
    calle (at)
  9. Xiaodong Cao, Columbia University
    "Eigenvalues of (-\Delta +R/2) on Manifolds with Nonnegative Curvature Operator" preprint
    "Compact Gradient Shrinking Ricci Solitons with Positive Curvature Operator." preprint
  10. Isaac Chavel, CUNY Graduate Center and City College of CUNY
    "Bottleneck Constants of Finite Graphs" preprint
    "The Laplacian on Riemannian manifolds", Spectral Theory and Geometry, ed. E.B. Davies & Y. Safarov, London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser., 273(1999), Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, 30--75 survey article
    "Eigenvalues in Riemannian Geometry" (with chapter by B. Randol and appendix by J. Dodziuk), Pure and Applied Mathematics 115, Academic Press, Orlando, 1984 book
  11. Szu-yu Sophie Chen, Princeton University
  12. Chokri Cherif, BMCC CUNY,
  13. Christopher Croke, University of Pennsylvania,
    Talk: "Some rigidity and stability results of sharp isoperimetric inequalities"
    "Lengths and Volumes in Riemannian Manifolds" with Nurlan S. Dairbekov,
    Duke Math. J. 125 (2004), no. 1, 1--14. preprint.
    Two related survey articles are links 37 and 39 on his paper list.
  14. Józef Dodziuk, CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College
    "Kato's inequality and asymptotic spectral properties for discrete magnetic Laplacians" (with M. Varghese), to appear in ``Ubiquitous Heat Kernel'', Contemporary Mathematics, (2006), preprint.
  15. Alexandre Engoulatov, Universite Paris-Sud XI-Orsay (student)
    Alexandre.Engoulatov at
    "A universal bound on the gradient of logarithm of the heat kernel for manifolds with bounded Ricci curvature." preprint
  16. Stephen A. Fulling, Texas A& M University
    "Coincidence of length spectra does not imply isospectrality", (with Peter Kuchment), Inverse Problems 21 (2005) 1391-1395, eprint.
    "Global and local vacuum energy and closed orbit theory", in Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Quantum Field Theory under the Influence of External Conditions (Norman, OK, Sept. 2003), 2004, pp. 166-174, eprint
  17. Hubert Goldschmidt, Columbia University
    "Infinitesimal Isospectral Deformations of the Grassmannian of $3$-planes in $\R^6$ hg at
  18. Carolyn Gordon, Dartmouth College,
    Talk: "The torus action method for isospectrality in the compact and noncompact settings"
    "Continuous Families of Isophasal Scattering Manifolds" (with P. Perry) eprint
    "Isospectral and Isoscattering Manifolds: A Survey of Examples" (with P. Perry and D. Schueth) reprint
  19. Ruth Gornet, University of Texas at Arlington
    Talk: "Laplace and Length Spectra and the Wave Invariants on Riemannian Two-Step Nilmanifolds"
    "Riemannian Nilmanifolds, the Wave Trace, and the Length Spectrum" preprint
    "Riemannian nilmanifolds and the trace formula". Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 357 (2005), no. 11, 4445--4479 eprint
    "The length spectrum of Riemannian two-step nilmanifolds" (with Maura B. Mast) Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. (4) 33 (2000), no. 2, 181--209.
  20. Nels Hanson, Columbia University Student
    nhandson (at)
  21. Chenxu He, University of Pennsylvania (student)
    hech AT
  22. Pilar Herreros, University of Pennsylvania (student) pherrero (at)
  23. Nancy Hingston, The College of New Jersey, Institute for Advanced Study
    Talk: "The Loop Product and Closed Geodesics"
    "Subharmonic Solutions of Hamiltonian Equations on Tori" preprint
  24. David A. Hoffman, Stanford University (U. Mass Emeritus)
    david (at)
  25. Chris Judge, Indiana University
    "Small Eigenvalues and maximal laminations on complete surfaces of negative curvature"preprint
  26. Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
    nkalogeropoulos (at)
  27. Leon Karp, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College
  28. Neil N. Katz, City Tech of CUNY,
    nkatz (at)
  29. Mahta Khosravi, Institute of Advanced Study
    Talk: "Spectral Asymptotics of Heisenberg Manifolds"
    Doctoral Thesis completed under John Toth's supervision, thesis.pdf
    Two other related articles are here
  30. Motoko Kotani, Tohoku University
    "Lipschitz Continuity of the Spectra of the Magnetic Transition Operators on a Crystal Lattice" preprint
  31. Eran Makover, Central Connecticut State University
    "The length of closed geodesics on random Riemann Surfaces". preprint
  32. Maura Mast, University of Massachusetts Boston
    "Minimal marked length spectrum of Riemannian two-step nilmanifolds" (with Ruth Gornet) Michigan Mathematics Journal, 52, (2004), no. 3, 683--716
  33. Michael Munn, CUNY Graduate Center (student)
    mmunn at
  34. Alexander Nabutovsky, U. Toronto and Penn State
    Talk: "Curvature-free estimates for minimal surfaces and geodesics between points".
    "Lengths of geodesics between two points on a Riemannian manifold" (with Regina Rotman), preprint
  35. Robert Neel, Columbia University
    "Analysis of the cut locus via the heat kernel" (with D. Stroock), Surveys in Differential Geometry, Vol. 9, International Press, Boston (2004), 337-349. preprint
  36. Efua Okoh, CUNY Graduate Center (student)
    EOkoh at
  37. Yiannis Petridis, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College
    "Equidistribution of geodesics on homology classes and analogues for free groups" (with M. S. Risager), preprint
    "The distribution of values of the Poincare pairing for hyperbolic Riemann surfaces" (with M. S. Risager), J. Reine Angew. Math. 579 (2005) 159-173. preprint
  38. Iosif Polterovich, U. Montreal
    Talk: "The spectral function and the remainder in local Weyl's law: View from below"
    "Estimates from below for the spectral function and for the remainder in local Weyl's law" (with Dmitry Jakobson) preprint
    " Lower bounds for the spectral function and the remainder in local Weyl's law on manifolds", (with Dmitry Jakobson) Electron. Res. Announc. Amer. Math. Soc. 11 (2005), 71-77. eprint
  39. Lucio MG Prado, BMCC - CUNY,
    lprado (at)
  40. Emily Proctor, Middlebury College,
    "Isospectral Metrics and Potentials on Classical Compact Simple Lie Groups" Michigan Mathematical Journal, 2005. eprints
  41. Maria Psarelli, Bronx Community College of CUNY
  42. Burton Randol, CUNY Graduate Center
    "Approximation of Measures on S^n by discrete Measures" (with Marina Nechayeva) preprint
  43. John Reynolds, spouse (does not pay)
  44. Morten S. Risager, University of Aarhus
    "A prime geodesic analogue of the twin prime conjecture" preprint
    "Equidistribution of geodesics on homology classes and analogues for free groups" (with Y. N. Petridis), preprint
  45. Frederic Rochon, SUNY Stony Brook
    rochon (at)
  46. Regina Rotman, Penn State and U. Toronto
    Talk: "The length of a shortest periodic geodesic and a shortest geodesic loop at a point"
    "The length of a shortest closed geodesic on a two-dimensional sphere and coverings by metric balls." Geom. Dedicata 110 (2005), 143--157. preprint
    "The length of a shortest geodesic loop at a point" preprint "The length of a shortest geodesic net on a closed Riemannian manifold" preprint
  47. Julie Rowlett, Stanford University (student)
    julimari (at)
  48. Peter Sarnak, Princeton University
    Talk: "Reciprocal geodesics on the modular surface"
    Letter to J. Davis about Reciprocal Geodesics the letter
  49. Natasa Sesum, Columbia University
    "Properties of the solutions of the conjugate heat equation (math.DG/0601415)
    The compactness result for K\"ahler Ricci solitons (math.DG/0504526)
  50. Leslie Sibner, Polytechnic University
  51. Robert Sibner, CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College
  52. Christina Sormani, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College
    "The Covering Spectrum of a Compact Length Space" (with Guofang Wei), Journal of Differential Geometry 67 (2004) 35-77, reprint.pdf.
    "The Length Spectrum and Convergence", eprint
  53. Elizabeth Stanhope Lewis and Clark College,
    "One cannot hear orbifold isotropy type," (with Naveed Shams and David L. Webb. accepted by Archiv der Mathematik preprint
    "Spectral bounds on orbifold isotropy," Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 27 (2005), no. 4, 355-375. eprint
  54. Jean Steiner, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
    "Spectral Invariants and playing Hide--And--Seek on surfaces " (with Peter Doyle) preprint
    "Blowing bubbles on the torus" (with Peter Doyle) preprint
  55. Toshikazu Sunada, Meiji University
    Talk: ``Perturbation techniques in geometry"
  56. Craig J. Sutton, Dartmouth University
    "Isospectral simply connected homogeneous spaces and the spectral rigidity of group actions", Comment. Math. Helv. 77 (2002), 701-717. eprint
  57. Zoltan I. Szabo, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College
    Talk: "Laplace Spectra on Open and Compact Zeeman Manifolds" abstract
    "A cornucopia of isospectral pairs of metrics on spheres with different local geometries" Annals of Mathematics 161, no 1 (2005), 343-395. reprint
    "Theory of Zones on Zeeman manifolds: A new approach to the infinities of QED" preprint
  58. Andras Vasy, Stanford University and MIT
    Talk: "Scattering theory on symmetric spaces and N-body scattering".
  59. Howie Weiss, Penn State Univ
    "Free Energy as a Dynamical Invariant (or Can You Hear the Shape of a Potential?)" (with M. Pollicott) Comm. Math. Physics preprint
    "Free Energy as a Geometric Invariant" (with Mark Pollicott) Comm. of Math. Physics, preprint
  60. Stefan Wenger, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
    "Isoperimetric inequalities of Euclidean type in metric spaces" Geom. Funct. Anal. 15 (2005), no. 2, 534--554. reprint
  61. Svetoslav Zahariev, CUNY Graduate Center (student)
    szahariev (at)

Participants may submit links to their related preprints when they register.