Instructor: Prof. Megan Owen
Phone: 718-960-7423
Office hours: Thurs. after class - 2pm, Gillet 137E
Course time: Tuesdays, Thursdays 11:00am - 12:40pm



Choose one of the two projects: asteroids or images.

The first part of your chosen project must be submitted on Blackboard by Thurs. April 24 at 11:59pm.

The second part of your chosen project must be submitted on Blackboard by Thurs. May 15 at 11:59pm.

Each part of the your project is worth 15% of your grade. These are substantially longer than the homework problems, so begin working on it early.

Additional practice and extra help with Java

Extra practice problems


Date: Topics: Handouts/Slides/Homework: Reading: Deadlines:
Tues 28 January
Review of campus computer policy and academic integrity code,
Overview of software and hardware, compilers and interpreters, printing and simple functions
Chapter 1 slides
Academic Integrity Policy,
Chapter 1
Thurs 30 January
Data types, variables, Java conventions, constants, assignment statements, intro to GUI Chapter 2 slides, Problem set 1 Section 2.1
Tues 4 February
Thurs 6 February
If-else statements, Strings, Scanner Chapter 3 slides, Problem set 2
Tues 11 February
While loops, for loops, and array basics Chapter 4 slides
Thurs 13 February
Introduction to classes and objects Chapter 5 slides, Chapter 5 figures and listings, Problem set 3 Problem set 1 due
Tues 18 February
Switch statement; classes and objects continued Problem set 1 due

Thurs 20 February
No class. Classes follow Monday schedule
Tues 25 February
Mutators (Setters), Accessors (Getters), and Constructors Chapter 6 slides, Chapter 6 figures and listings, Problem set 4 Problem set 2 due
Thurs 27 February
Classes and objects continued Problem set 3 target due date
Tues 4 March
Classes and objects continued Problem set 5
Thurs 6 March
Classes and objects continued Problem set 4 target due date
Tues 11 March
Array basics, introduction to Selection Sort Chapter 7 slides Problem set 3 final due date
Thurs 13 March
Selection Sort, introduction to Insertion Sort
Tues 18 March
Insertion sort, multidimensional arrays Problem set 6 Problem set 4 final due date
Thurs 20 March
Review for midterm Problem set 5 target due date
Tues 25 March
Midterm, Chapters 1-7 Test & solutions
Thurs 27 March
Went over midterm solutions
Tues 1 April
Inheritance Chapter 8 slides
Thurs 3 April
Inheritance cont'd Problem set 5 final due date
Tues 8 April
Thurs 10 April
Recursion: Merge sort Chapter 11 slides, Chapter 11 figures and listings
14-22 April Spring Recess: no class
Thurs 24 April
Recursion: Binary search
Tues 29 April
Recursion: Fibonacci series and Factorials
Thurs 1 May
Recursion: Strings Problem set 7
Tues 6 May
Streams and File I/O (text files only) Chapter 10 slides, Chapter 10 figures and listings
Thurs 8 May
Exceptions Chapter 9 slides, Chapter 9 figures and listings
Tues 13 May
Exceptions continued, review for final exam Problem set 8
Thurs 15 May
Review for final exam
Tues 22 May Final exam 11am - 1pm

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