Syllabus for MAT 330/681- Probability

MAT 330: Probability.

Final Info: Review session Monday Dec 16 12-2 (could go later) come to Gillet 211

I will give you a selection problems for the material we have covered since the tests since the midterm on Satyrdat

4 hours, 4 credits. Basic probability theory. Combinatorial problems, distributions, expectation, law of large numbers and central limit theorem, Bernoulli processes, and Markov chains. Other topics from probability and statistics. PREREQ: MAT 176.

MAT 681: Probability.

4 hours, 4 credits. Probability models, combinatorial problems, random variables, expectation and variance, binomial, normal and Poisson variables, law of large numbers, central-limit theorem, markov chains, and selected additional topics. PREREQ: Two semesters of calculus.


Location: Gi 225 TTH 4:00-5:40

Instructor: Robert Schneider

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Final:The Final Exam will be given during Finals Week on Tuesday, Dec 17 from 3:45-5:45


Review Sessions: To be announced here


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We will try to cover the material in Chapters 1-5 of the book at a speed appropriate for maximal understanding and retention. Continuous distributions will be introduced early and I may deviate or skip around in book to cover these. I may introduce some topics from chap 6 and 7 if time permits. Graduate students will be required to read these chapters and contact me for help. I will not accept homework late.

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