Instructor: Prof. Megan Owen
Phone: 718-960-7423
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:50am, Gillet 137E
Course time: Monday and Wednesday 11:00am - 12:40pm, Gillet 219

Installing Python 3

Python is also available on certain computers in the Academic IT Center and the math lab.


How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition by Runestone Interactive
The textbook is available for free. You can register to save your progress, but do not have to.


All problem sets should be submitted on Mimir. Mimir is available for free for 2 weeks, and then costs $25/student for the entire semester. It can be purchased through the Mimir website.
To join the course on Mimir:
1. Go to
2. Create an account.
3. Once you are logged in, click on "Join a course" and enter the course code: 7981a3b747

Your grade for this course will be based on:

Problem sets 30%
In-class Quizzes 35%
Final Exam 35%
You must take and pass the final to pass the course. The lowest three quizzes and lowest three problem set grades will be dropped.


Academic Integrity Policy

Note: While I encourage you to help each other on the problem sets, you should never share your code with another student. If you do and that student submits your code, you will both receive 0 on the problem set.


Date: Topics: Handouts: Reading: Quiz Topics:
Mon 30 January
Review of campus computer policy and academic integrity code.
Introduction to Python programs: printing and simple functions, variables, assignment statements, getting input
Syllabus Chapter 1 and 2 Academic Integrity
Wed 1 February
Problem solving and the design process, data types, type conversion functions, updating variables, length function, debugging Chapter 2 and 3 Chapter 2
Tues 9 February Classes follow a Friday schedule
Mon 6 February
Simple graphics using the built-in turtles library, for loops Chapter 4 Chapter 2
Wed 8 February
Range function, more turtle methods Chapter 4 Chapter 2 and 4
Mon 13 February Lincoln's Birthday - Lehman is closed
15 February Classes follow Monday schedule
Wed 15 February
Modules, math module Tic Tac Toe Lab 1 Chapter 5 Chapter 2 and 4
20 February President's Day - Lehman is closed
Wed 22 February
Random module Chapter 5 Chapter 4 and 5
Mon 27 February
Introduction to functions Chapter 6
Wed 1 March
Accumulator pattern, functions cont'd Chapter 6
Mon 6 March
Functions cont'd Chapter 6
Wed 8 March
Selection: if-statements and else Chapter 7
Mon 13 March
Selection cont'd Chapter 7
Wed 15 March
Iteration: for loops revisited Chapter 8
Mon 20 March
Iteration: while loops Turtle Herd Lab Chapter 8
Wed 22 March
Iteration: Nested loops Tic Tac Toe Lab 2 Chapter 8
Mon 27 March
Strings Chapter 9
Wed 29 March
Strings cont'd Caesar Cipher Lab Chapter 9
Mon 3 April
Strings cont'd Chapter 9
Wed 5 April
Lists Chapter 10
10-18 April Spring recess: no classes
19 April Last day to withdraw from class with a grade of W
Wed 19 April
Lists cont'd 2048 Lab Chapter 10
20 April Classes follow Monday schedule
Thurs 20 April
Files Chapter 11
Mon 24 April
Files cont'd Drawing From Files Lab Chapter 11
Wed 26 April
Files cont'd basketball data file Chapter 11
Mon 1 May
Code design: top down and bottom up sandwich.txt
Wed 3 May
Introduction to classes Chapter 16
Mon 8 May
Classes cont'd Chapter 16
Wed 10 May
Java Python vs. Java Commands Chapter 12
Mon 15 May
Introduction to Java
Wed 17 May
Review for final exam
Wed 24 May Final exam 11am - 1pm