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Installing Eclipse and Java 7

To install Eclipse on a Windows or Mac computer, you must first download and install Java 7 from Oracle. Make sure you download the Java Development Kit (JDK), not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

After installing Java, download Eclipse Standard 4.4 from Make sure to download the correct version (32 or 64 bits) for your computer. If you have a Windows computer, there is a known problem with unzipping the files that is explained in the Download Eclipse section at

Alternatively, Java 7 and Eclipse are available on certain computers in the Academic IT Center and the math lab (open Sept. 10).

Math and Computer Science Learning Center (MCSLC) resources:

Online Java practice
Extra practice problems and old exams


Date: Topics: Handouts/Homework: Slides/Reading: Deadlines:
Thurs 28 August
Review of campus computer policy and academic integrity code.
Overview of Eclipse. Begin programming in Java! Data types, casting, variables, Java conventions, assignment statements.
Syllabus Academic Integrity Policy,
Chapter 1
Tues 2 September
Keyboard and screen I/0, constants, math. Problem set 1a Chapter 2 slides
Thurs 4 September
Strings Problem set 1b Chapter 3 slides Problem set 1a due Sat. Sept. 6
Tues 9 September
If-else statements, Strings Problem set 2a Problem set 1b due Wed. Sept. 10
Thurs 11 September
Conditional operator, exit, while loops, for loopsPractice quiz 1 Problem set 2b Chapter 4 slides Problem set 2a due Sat. Sept. 13
Tues 16 September
Loops continued, introduction to classes and objects Quiz 1 Problem set 3a Chapter 5 slides Problem set 2b due Wed. Sept. 17
Thurs 18 September
Switch statement; classes and objects continued Practice quiz 2 Problem set 3b
Project 1
Chapter 6 slides Problem set 3a due Sat. Sept. 20
23 September Classes follows Friday Schedule
24-26 September CUNY: No classes
Tues 30 September
Mutators (Setters), Accessors (Getters), and Constructors Quiz 2 Problem set 4a Problem set 3b due Wed. Oct. 1
Thurs 2 October
Classes and objects continued Practice quiz 3 Problem set 4b Problem set 4a due Sat. Oct. 4
Tues 7 October
Classes and objects continued Quiz 3 Problem set 5a Problem set 4b due Wed. Oct. 8
Thurs 9 October
Classes and objects continued Practice quiz 4 Problem set 5b
13 October No Classes: College Closed
Tues 14 October
Arrays Quiz 4Clases and objects continues Problem set 6a Problem set 5a due Wed. Oct. 15
Thurs 16 October
Selection Sort Practice quiz 5ArraysQuiz 4 Problem set 6b Chapter 7 slides Problem set 5b due Sat. Oct. 18
Tues 21 October
Selection sort, insertion sort, multidimensional arrays Quiz 5 Arrays cont'd Practice quiz 5 Problem set 6a due Wed. Oct. 22
Thurs 23 October
Review for midterm Quiz 5 Problem set 6b due Sat. Oct. 25
Tues 28 October
Midterm, Chapters 1-7
Thurs 30 October
Midterm recap, intro to project 2 Selection sort, multidimensional arrays Problem set 6c
Tues 4 November
Midterm recap, Inheritance, Intro to project 2 Problem set 7a Chapter 8 slides Chapter 8 Figures slides Problem set 6c due Wed. Nov. 5
Thurs 6 November
Inheritance cont'd Practice quiz 6 Project 2 Problem set 7a due Sat. Nov. 8
Tues 11 November
Interfaces Quiz 6 Problem set 7b Problem set 7b due Sat. Nov. 15
Thurs 13 November
Recursion: Merge sort Practice quiz 7 Problem set 8a Problem set 8a due Wed. Nov. 19
Tues 18 November
Recursion: Binary search Quiz 7 Problem set 8b Chapter 11 slides, Chapter 11 figures and listings Problem set 8b due Sat. Nov.22
Thurs 20 November
Recursion: Fibonacci series and Factorials Practice quiz 8 Problem set 9a Problem set 9a due Wed. Nov. 26
Tues 25 November
Recursion: Strings Quiz 8 Problem set 9b Problem set 9b due Wed. Dec. 3
27-28 November Thanksgiving Recess: College Closed
Tues 2 December
Streams and File I/O (text files only) Practice quiz 9Quiz 8 Problem set 10a Chapter 10 slides, Chapter 10 figures and listings Problem set 10a due Sat. Dec. 6
Thurs 4 December
Exceptions Quiz 9Practice quiz 9 Problem set 10b Chapter 9 slides, Chapter 9 figures and listings Problem set 10b due Wed. Dec. 10
Tues 9 December
Exceptions continued, review for final exam Quiz 9
Thurs 11 December
Review for final exam, Project 2 in-class code reviews Project 2 due
Thurs 18 December Final exam 11am - 1pm

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