CUNY Geometry and Topology Seminar


Unless a change is noted below, the CUNY Geometry and Topology Seminar takes place at 4:15pm on Tuesdays in Room 3212 of the Graduate Center, located at 365 Fifth Avenue across the street from the Empire State Building. All are welcome.

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Spring 2014
February 11 Assaf Hadari (Yale) Homological shadows
February 18 Genevieve Walsh (Tufts) The Big Dehn Surgery graph
February 25 Hongbin Sun (Princeton) Virtual domination of 3-manifolds
March 4 Lizhen Ji (Michigan) Spines of symmetric spaces and Teichmueller spaces
March 11 Ken Bromberg (Utah) Train tracks, distance in the curve complex and the capacity dimension of the space of ending laminations
March 18 No Seminar this week
March 25 Joseph Maher (CUNY) The Casson invariant for random Heegaard splittings
April 1 Jingyin Huang (NYU) Quasi-isometry classification of right-angled Artin group with finite outer automorphism group
April 8 Bogwang Jeon (Columbia) Hyperbolic 3-manifolds of bounded volume and trace field degree
April 15 No seminar today Spring Break
April 22 No seminar today Spring Break
April 29 Karin Melnick (Maryland) Flows on 1-graded parabolic geometries
May 6 Alexei Miasnikov (Stevens Institute of Technology) On the Andrew-Curtis Conjecture
May 13 Walter Neumann (Columbia) Intercusp distance in hyperbolic manifolds
Fall 2013
September 17, 2013 David Fisher (University of Indiana) Hodge theory for group cohomology and local rigidity
September 24 Adam Lowrance (Vassar) Measuring a knot's distance from alternating
October 1 Mehmet Haluk Sengun (University of Warwick / ICERM) Torsion homology of Bianchi Groups and Arithmetic manifolds
October 8 Mahan Mj (RKM Vivekananda University) Homotopical Height
October 15 No seminar today
October 22 Meeting in:
Room C205
Wolfgang Lueck (Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics and Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitae) Hyperbolic groups with spheres as boundary
October 29 Brian Rushton (Temple) Quasi-isometry properties of subdivision rules
November 5 Sang-hyun Kim (KAIST) Embeddability between right-angled Artin groups
November 12 Sara Maloni (Brown) Combinatorial methods on actions on character varieties
November 19
Liam Watson (UCLA) Khovanov homology and the symmetry group of a knot
November 26 No seminar today
December 3 Hyungryul Baik (Cornell) Laminations on the Circle and Cannon's Conjecture
December 10 Alessandro Sisto (ETH) Boundaries of relatively hyperbolic groups

Reading Seminar on Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Hyperbolic Geometry Student Seminar

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This seminar is partially supported by the National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation.
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