CUNY Geometry and Topology Seminar

2022 — 2023

Unless a change is noted below, the CUNY Geometry and Topology Seminar takes place at 4:15pm on Tuesdays in Room 5417 (Note the room change) of the Graduate Center, located at 365 Fifth Avenue across the street from the Empire State Building (seminar reminders will be emailed to those on the seminar mailing list). All are welcome.

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

September 13, 2022 Rylee Lyman (Rutgers) CTs for free products
September 20, 2022 Gabriel Montoya Vega (CUNY) Viro's approach to Khovanov Homology
September 27, 2022 No seminar today
October 4, 2022 No seminar today
October 11, 2022 Ilya Kofman (CUNY) Geometric bounds for spanning tree entropy of planar lattices
October 18, 2022 Daniele Alessandrini (Columbia) Domains of discontinuity for Anosov representations
October 25, 2022 Nick Vlamis (CUNY) Anderson’s Trick and Homeomorphism groups of self-similar 2-manifolds
November 1, 2022 Harry Baik (KAIST) Revisit the theory of laminar groups
November 8, 2022 Inhyeok Choi (KAIST) Random subgroup is quasi-isometrically embedded
November 15, 2022 Ben Cooper (Iowa) An incompatibility between spectrification and the Szabo spectral sequence
February 7, 2023 Priyadip Mondal (Rutgers) Hidden symmetries and Dehn fillings
February 14, 2023 Abhijit Champanerkar (CUNY) Right-angled volume of alternating links
February 21, 2023 No seminar today CUNY on Monday Schedule
February 28, 2023 Siddhi Krishna (Columbia) Twist positivity, Lorenz knots, and concordance
March 7, 2023 Francesco Lin (Columbia) Homology cobordism and the geometry of hyperbolic three-manifolds
March 14, 2023 Dragomir Saric (CUNY) Farey triangulation, shears and circle maps
March 21, 2023 Kyle Hayden (Rutgers) A handle-holding approach to Wall-type stabilization problems
March 28, 2023 Peter Shalen (UIC) Hyperbolic volume, homology rank, and the Four Color Theorem
April 4, 2023 No seminar today
April 11, 2023 No seminar today CUNY Holiday
April 18, 2023 (NEW ROOM) Jason Behrstock (CUNY) Hierarchically hyperbolic groups: an introduction
April 25, 2023 Zhenghao Rao (Brown) Subgroups of Genus-2 Quasi-Fuchsian groups and Cocompact Kleinian Groups
May 2, 2023 Lee Mosher (Rutgers) The Two-over-All Theorem and its Applications
May 16, 2023
3:30pm (special time)
Harry Baik (KAIST) Reducible normal generators of the mapping class groups

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This seminar is partially supported by the National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation.
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