Geometry, MAT 631, Fall 2009

Elementary geometry from an advanced standpoint.

This course is part of the Mathematics Teacher Transformation Institute, an NSF Math & Science Partnership program.

Geometry, MAT631, Fall 2009
Grading Policy: 11 in class projects, no exams.
Homework: read over material, and finish projects.
Prerequisites: participation in MTTI.
Professor C. Sormani
Office: Gillet Hall 200B
Email: sormanic (at)

Course Description: Classical Euclidean Geometry using postulates and axioms will be combined with a more modern transformation perspective in this course tailored to provide teachers with an in depth understanding of the geometry in New York State's new high school mathematics curriculum.

Text: (to be provided by MTTI)

Other Supplies: (not provided, bring your own) Grades: The grade will be based on the projects. Projects must be completed with two column proofs and neat hand drawn sketches using straight edges and compasses. Proofs must be done in two columns: Statements and Justifications. The projects will be graded harshly with deductions taken for errors. However, the lowest grades will be dropped and lots of extra credit will be assigned. Projects will be done in class and submitted the following week at the beginning of class. Most projects will include at least one very difficult problems.

Syllabus: The projects in the following syllabus may be changed or reordered as we would like the projects to be relevant to the participants. For the proofs we will be following Kay's set of axioms, which correspond more closely to the NYS curriculum and modern mathematics than Euclid's ancient set of axioms.