Geometry, MAT 345 and MAT630, Spring 2010

Prerequisites: Modern Algebra, Linear Algebra and Calculus
Meeting Times: Monday Wednesday 11:00-12:40 am
Professor: C. Sormani
Office: Gillet Hall 200B
Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 9:45-11:00am, Wednesday 2-3:30pm.
Email: sormanic (at)
Course Description: Geometric theory from an axiomatic viewpoint motivated by Euclidean geometries (plane= E2, solid= E3) and additional non-Euclidean examples (Hyperbolic=H2 and Spherical=S2) . Emphasis on the relationship between proof and intuition.

Text: College Geometry: A discovery approach, by David C. Kay, 2nd Edition.

Other Supplies: (not provided, bring your own) MAT345 Undergraduate Grading Policy: The grade will be based on proofs completed in projects and in class exams: MAT630 Graduate Grading Policy: The 15 projects are worth 5% each, the research report is worth 10%, and the exams are worth 5% each. Note that the research report is required. To pass the class, the second midterm grade must be at least 80%.

Homework: Complete all reading, review class notes and read projects carefully. Projects will be assigned 1-2 times per week which may be worked on together and submitted in groups. This is a four credit course, so the homework will be at least eight hours a week. No late work will be accepted. Some projects may be resubmitted and the new grade will be averaged with the old grade. Always keep a copy of a project you have submitted. All proofs must be in 2 columns.

Homework assignments and projects available on the course webpage.