Analysis II

Analysis II, MAT321, 4 credits
Meetings: Mon Wed (see below)
Prerequisite: MAT 320
Text: Elementary Classical Analysis Edition 2
Marsden and Hoffman
Professor C. Sormani
Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 10-11 am, 3-4 pm
Office: Gillet Hall 200B
Email: sormanic (at)
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Course Description: Metric Geometry, Compactness, C([0,1]), Contraction Mapping Principle, Proofs of the Fundamental Theorem of ODE, of Curves, Implicit and Inverse Function Theorems, Sets of Measure Zero, Lebesgue Integration

Grading Policy: 5 Projects: 6% each... Exam I: 20%... Exam II: 20%... Final:30%...

In the following syllabus, homework is written below the lesson when it is assigned and should be completed before the next meeting. Starred problems may form parts of the projects. Students should come to the 10 am office hour to ask questions on homework before class.

Meeting with Differential Geometry: For most of the course we will be meeting in the same room as Differential Geometry. We will be having quizes at the same time. If you are taking both courses you will need to take your quiz at 10:30 am Monday. Later on in the semester we will start meeting seperate from Differential Geometry, only 10-11:00 am Mon Wed, and the course will be conducted like an independant study.

Syllabus: (will be updated regularly)