Analysis I

Analysis I, MAT320, 4 credits
Section Monday Wednesday, 11:00-12:50 am, GI 305
Prerequisite: MAT 226 or equivalent vector calculus
Text: Mathematical Analysis: a straightforward approach
K.G. Binmore, 2nd Edition
Cambridge University Press
Professor C. Sormani
Office Hours: Monday Wednesday 10-11 am (3-4 pm by appt)
Office: Gillet Hall 200B
Email: sormanic (at)
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Course Description: Introduction to Real Analysis; the real number system, limits, continuity, the mean value and Taylor's theorems and applications, Riemann integration and improper integrals.

Grading Policy: 11 Quizes: 5% each... Midterm Exam: 15%... Final:30%...

Syllabus: (will be updated regularly)