Syllabus for College Now Discrete Mathematics, MAT 237

Professor Sormani, Lehman College, CUNY

Mondays and Wednesday 4:05-5:55pm Gillet 333: First class Sept 11, last class Dec 13, no meeting Oct 2 and Oct 9, final Dec 20
Topics: Set theory, Quantifiers, Intersections, Unions , Complements, applications to solving inequalities, cartesian products, logic, truth tables, direct proofs, proof by contradiction, proof by induction, how to approach proving, disproof by counter example, quantifiers, functions, injectivity, surjectivity, inverses, restricted domains, applications to trigonometric and exponential functions, induction, cardinality, summation notation, combinatorics, Fibanacci numbers, permutations, binomial theorem, discrete probability, Graph Theory and Trees
Text: Rosen Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, McGraw Hill, 6th Edition (pick up at 189 Carmen Hall before Wed class)
This turned out to be a very poor choice of textbook for this class.
Supplies: A spiral notebook of graph paper for notes. A cheap scientific calculator with buttons for sin, cos, tan, Ln, and Log.
Homework: This includes reading the appropriate section of the textbook and doing the assigned problems. For proofs, please number each step and justify every statement refering specificly to hypothesis and prior steps or theorems in the textbook. Working with study partners can make homework easier and more fun. You may also email me questions: Special graded homework projects are part of the final grade.
Grading: Exam I is 15%, Exam II is 15%, Classwork is 5%, Homework is 35%. The final is 30% of the grade.