Intermediate Calculus II

Intermediate Calculus II, MAT227
Section Tuesday Thursday 7:45-9:25 pm
Prerequisite: MAT226, Calculus I-III
Text: Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions
by Larsen, Hostetler and Edwards,
Houghton Mifflin, 2nd Edition prefered.
This textbook will be supplemented by handouts.
Professor C. Sormani
Office Hours: Tue Thu 9:25-9:55 pm
Tuesday Only: 5:30-7:30 pm
Office: Gillet Hall 200B 
Phone: 960 7422

Grading: 60% of the class grade will be based on projects (worth 5 pts each for the best 12) and 40% on the 4 exams including the final (10% for each).

15 Projects: A large part of this course will be projects which will be done in groups in class. Each group will submit one copy of each project signed by every member of the group. The teams will be switched around as the course progresses. The projects will be due at the end of class. Students who miss class will get a 0 on the project but the bottom three grades on projects will be dropped.

3 Exams and Final: There will be three in class exams before spring break which will test material similar to the homeworks and projects. The final exam will only cover work from after the Spring break. Calculators will be permitted on all exams.