CUNY Graduate Center

Differential Geometry and Lie Theory Seminar

Fall 2005

We meet Tuesdays 4-5pm at the CUNY Graduate Center in Room 4419. When we have a double header, the first speaker speaks 2:30-3:30pm in 8405. Tea is at 3:30pm in the mathematics lounge (4214). The CUNY Graduate Center building is 365 5th Avenue at 34th Street. The organizers are Józef Dodziuk, Adam Koranyi, Martin Moskowitz, and Christina Sormani. Christina Sormani is in charge of scheduling.

Our upcoming CUNY Geometric Analysis Conference will be held February 3-5, 2006.

In the past there were two different seminars and we just merged to promote more interaction between the two groups of researchers. The our first merged schedule is Spring 2005. Past schedules for the Differential Geometry and Analysis Seminar are Fall 2004, Spring 2004, Fall 2003, Spring 2003, Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2001 and Spring 2001. Past schedules for the Lie Group Seminar are Fall 2004 and Spring 2004. This seminar has a 30 year history of meeting at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Schedule, Fall 2005