Sormani's Notes on Perelman's Lectures

The following are scanned pages of the notes I took when I attended Perelman's Lectures and Discussions at Stony Brook April 21, 2003 - April 28, 2003 (Simon's Lectures). Since they are scanned from handwritting, they are fairly ugly and rather huge files. I had originally only planned to distribute them using xeroxes for a few mathematicians. Here's a link to Kleiner and Lott's webpage on Perelman's work for experts including links to Perelman's articles and studies of them. See also Morgan-Tian for the complete details of Poincare and Cao-Zhu for the complete details of Geometrization.

Nonmathematicians can check out this link to my webpage on Hamilton and Perelman's work for everyone including links to popular articles, transparencies used to present the work to undergraduates, and a brief explanation for a general audience.

I am a Riemannian Geometer who specializes in Ricci curvature and Gromov-Hausdorff convergence. I know a little about Ricci flow but have done no research in the area. I'm somewhat acquainted with the Geometrization Conjecture and Thurston's approach having read articles by Anderson, but have done no work in that direction either. When I took these notes, my target audience was Mu-Tao Wang and Guofang Wei, both of whom are successful Riemannian Geometers with serious experience in Ricci curvature and related areas of Riemannian Geometry.

The notes are fairly extensive and attempt to include everything Perelman said instead of just what was written on the board. Of course this leads to possible misstatements that should be attributed to my poor hearing. There are also interpretations which I usual try to disclaim as my own thoughts but occasionally are mixed with the rest. Please send me email at if you have any questions.

The Notes in pdf: (scanned using hp laserjet 3330 to the document manager in black and white 300 dpi, then printed to pdf955 printer which converts it to pdf)

The Notes in jpg: (Not good quality, scanned using hp laserjet 3330 grey scale to Internet files with jpg selected)

Please send me email at if you have any corrections.