Numerical Algorithms, Polynomials,
and Matrices

Professor Victor Pan

(from an NSF grant abstract)

Professor Pan investigates the synthesis of effective algebraic and numerical algorithms and on their practical and theoretical improvement. This includes the comprehensive study of practical numerical algorithms for polynomial rootfinding, that is finding the roots of a given polynomial. This is a central subject of algebraic computing. Another fundamental subject studied by Professor Pan and having ubiquitous a pplications to many areas of scientific and engineering computing and signal processing is computations with structured matrices. Matrices are studied in Linear Algebra. Professor Pan also investigates various extensions and applications of polynomial rootfinding and structured matrices. In particular he is working on solving polynomial systems of equations, approximating polynomial gcd, polynomial interpolation and multipoint evaluation. His work also applies to sign determination and modular reduction, which is a central subject of algebraic and geometric computations, and on decoding the BCH error-correcting codes.

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