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Are you considering majoring in mathematics?

     Career Profiles of people with a bachelors in mathematics (MAA)
     Careers that Count (AWM)
     Applications of Undergraduate Math courses
     Why Major in Mathematics?
     Lehman College Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Looking towards the future?
     Career Resources for Undergrads (MAA)
     Actuary Jobs
     Graduate Programs in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
     Preparing for Graduate School in Finance

What kind of mathematics is being done by professors at Lehman?

      Metric Spaces and Riemannian Geometry , Professor Sormani
      Logic , Professor Fitting
      Numerical Algorithms, Polynomials and Matrices , Professor Pan
      Geometric Group Theory and Surface Dynamics , Professor Handel
      Infinite Dimensional Teichmuller Theory , Professor Lakic
      Function Theory on Symmetric Spaces , Professor Koranyi
      Probability and Number Theory , Professor Isaac
      Hyperbolic Behavior and Hyperbolic Space , Professor Keen
      Algorithms, Random Graphs, & Computational Biology , Professor St. John

Do you like taking math exams with really challenging problems?

     This year our club members plan to take the Putnam Exam!
     Professor Lakic at nlakic@alpha.lehman.cuny.edu is the coach.
     Practices are during club meetings.
     Click here for Old Putnam Exams.

Would you like to discover and prove your own theorem?

     Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (NSF). Watch for deadlines!
     Summer programs (listed by the MAA).  Watch out for deadlines!
     Unsolved Problems for Undergraduates
     Morgan Prize for undergraduate research
     Math Horizons       More to come...

Some CUNY graduates:

     Arlie O. Petters
     Brian Murphy
     Debe Bednarchak

Do you like graphics?

     Calculus Graphics

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Any suggested links?

     Contact me at sormani@comet.lehman.cuny.edu