"Contact List"
recommended by the AWM

In January 2004, the AWM held a panel "On the Diverse Personal Lives of Mathematicians". In response to this panel, the AWM president, Carolyn Gordon, has asked that all departments supply a contact list to job candidates before they interview for a job. The list of contacts would include people who could discuss LGBT issues, various ethnic/religious concerns, handicapped access, safety, parenting (including onsite daycare and local schools), health care (including mental health and fertility/adoption coverage) and other topics. Ideally candidates would be given an hour of free time during their campus visits so they can explore or meet privately with one of these contacts. Anyone who would like to recommend contacts to include on this list, please email your suggestions to me. We want to be as inclusive as possible.

Preliminary Suggested Contacts

This list is still being compiled. Please send your suggestions to sormani@comet.lehman.cuny.edu.