Instructor: Prof. Megan Owen
Phone: 718-960-7423
Office hours: 1:00-1:50pm and 3:40-4:30pm on Tuesdays and 3:40-4:30pm on Thursdays in Gillet 137E
Course time: Thursdays 11:00am-12:40pm, Gillet 231


Homework will be assigned every week related to your own job search and preparation. It is due by the beginning of the following class.

Your grade for this course will be based on:

Homework 50%
In-class participation 50%
There is no final exam.


Academic Integrity Policy


Date: Topics: Homework: Links:
Thurs 31 August
Discussion: What are you looking for in a job?
Practice: Handshakes and introductions
Group work: Polya's 4-step approach to problem solving
What are you looking for a job? Find 10 companies/jobs that meet your criteria. Polya's 4-step approach to problem solving
Mon 4 September CUNY: No classes (Labor Day)
Thurs 7 September
Discussion: Day 1 homework
Practice: stating what you want in a job
How to: Research positions/companies
Group Work: Polya's 4-step approach to problem solving for CS problems
Research 3 of your 10 companies, including any information about their interview process. Problem solving practice. Researching companies:
The Ultimate Guide to Researching a Company Pre-Interview
How to research a company before your interview
5 Ways to Figure Out What Interview Questions You'll Be Asked
Applying Polya's 4-step approach to CS problems:
How to Program It
How to Solve It: Mathematical Approach to Programming
CS Interview Problems:
List from Reddit
Problem solving practice:
Thurs 14 September
Discussion: Homework day 2
How to: Resumes and LinkedIn
Update resume and LinkedIn page. Problem solving practice. LinkedIn: The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers
Resume: How to Get a Job At Microsoft Part II: Writing an Awesome Resume
What should a recent graduate list on a resume if they have no work experience?
15 Tips for Creating the Perfect Tech Resume
How to Make Sure Your Resume Is as Current as Your Skills
Sample Resumes from Carnegie Melon University, School of Computer Science
What do tech companies look for in an entry level resume for a software developer?
How to Write the Best Entry-Level Programmer Resume
Tues 19 September CUNY: Classes follow a Thurs schedule
Tues 19 September
Group work: review resumes and LinkedIn profiles
Problem solving practice: Recursive problems
Revise resume and LinkedIn profile. Problem solving practice. Recursive problems review and tips:
Recursive Interview Questions Tutorial
Running time of binary search
Recursive problems:
Recursion problems from Stanford University class on Problem Solving for the CS-Technical Interview
Top 10 Coding Interview Questions using Recursion in Java
Recursive algorithm Interview Questions
20-22 September CUNY: No classes
Thurs 28 September
Brainstorming: answering "Tell me about yourself"
Problem solving practice: More recursive problems
Answer to "tell me about yourself". List of possible problems to be asked as a mock question next class (easy - medium in difficulty for you). Problem solving practice. How to answer "Tell me about yourself":
The Question Interviewers Always Ask (and How to Answer It)
“Tell Me About Yourself” Answers (Examples Included)
29-30 September CUNY: No classes
Thurs 5 October
9 October CUNY: No classes (Columbus Day)
Thurs 12 October
Thurs 19 October
Thurs 26 October
Thurs 2 November
Object Oriented Design
Thurs 9 November
Dynamic Progamming
10 November Last day to withdraw from class with a grade of W
Thurs 16 November
Trees and Graphs Binary Tree Visualizer
21 November Classes follow Friday schedule
23-25 November Thanksgiving Recess: College Closed
Thurs 30 November
Optimization and dynamic programming problems Top 10 most popular dynamic programming problems
Thurs 7 December