The Lehman College Math Circle
Spring 2008 Events

Rigorous Mathematics with Proofs for High School Students in the Bronx

The Lehman College Math Circle is planning to hold the following events. To join the Math Circle contact Prof. Sormani: sormanic (at) All students who are taking College Now math courses or have done so in the past are already members. Check for uptodate information about these courses.

Regular Meetings:

Advanced Meetings (2 hours) for students who have completed Precalculus: Please be sure to get permission to attend. Print out this webpage and check off the meetings you will attend. Have a parent or legal guardian fill out the information below and sign:

Name of student:

I am giving permission for this student to attend the Lehman College Math Circle Events checked off above.

In case of emergency, contact me at :


Please bring this signed form with you to each event that you attend.