The Lehman College
Math Circle

Rigorous Mathematics with Proofs for High School Students in the Bronx

Lehman College Math Circle members are mathematically talented high school students who come to Lehman College to enhance their mathematics education. See our past events and Spring 2008 events. This Fall our only activity is our College Now Precalculus Class.

Most math circle members take College Now math courses after school. The courses are fully funded through the College Now program with paid faculty, free textbooks and college credit. Mr. Gantz is the coordinator and Prof. Sormani is the math adviser. You may also contact a college now liasson at a participating high school. All students who participate in these courses become permanent members of the Lehman College Math Circle.

Gillet Hall One course currently offered every semester is College Now Precalculus. Our first semester we had students from 5 different hich schools learning a rigorous precalculus with unit circle trigonometry, exponential and rational functions and proofs. It is a four credit course which covers the same material as Lehman College's MAT172 and students must place into MAT172 on the CUNY math placement exam to take the course. See our syllabus from Spring 2006. Like all college courses, this is a homework intensive class.

We regularly offer College Now Programming Methods I for students who have completed precalculus with unit circle trigonometry or the equivalent. This is a four credit course which covers the same material as Lehman College's CMP230 including algorithms, programming in JAVA, and debugging techniques. It is required for majors in mathematics and computer science as well as other scientific fields of study.

Students may also take Calculus at Lehman College as well as more advanced mathematics courses like Discrete Math and Linear Algebra.

Seniors applying to college: do not forget to apply to the CUNY Honors College and the CSM Scholarship Program when applying to Lehman College. Most of the faculty in the Lehman College Math and Computer Science Department are also members of the CUNY Graduate Center doctoral faculty. Our math and computer science majors participate in undergraduate research and some even work for IBM in a special internship program arranged by Professor Keen. Remember: get the best undergraduate education you can from the best research faculty and you can achieve doctorates yourselves!

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