Brief Description:

In this program graduate school oriented  Lehman College Computer Science students earn credit by working at the IBM Watson Research Laboratories.  Students earn 3 credits per semester for 3-4 semesters.  During the semester
(15 weeks) they spend 16 hours (2 full days) at IBM working under
the supervision of an IBM mentor on a project.  The IBM mentor coordinates the student's project and progress with a Lehman faculty mentor.  In his/her final semester, the student  prepares a summary of the project in a form to be determined by the IBM and Lehman mentors. Students are paid by IBM (at an appropriate rate) and are expected to take a full program (12-16 credits) during these semesters and to engage in no other employment.  During semester
breaks and summers, students are  offered full (or part) time employment at IBM. On recommendation of an appropriate faculty committee, if all other requirements are fullfilled, a student would receive departmental honors in computer science.

The program  enables Lehman students to combine both an academic
and a practical approach to computer science in their degree program.
It  trains them in a high level work-learning environment. They  acquire skills and experience that will enable them to compete for jobs at the good bachelors level computer science.  In addition there are contacts and letters to help them get acceptance and fellowships at good graduate programs.  Students  have exposure to a real computing envirnoment with an excellent credential for their resumes. A real benefit of the summer component of the program is the opportunity to meet and interact with IBM's summer interns who are among the very best graduate students in the US.

Currently there are 6 students enrolled in the program.  Several are graduating. We hope to have openings for 2-3 students in the fall '11. These students should have at least 3 semesters left before graduation. They should have a GPA of at least 3.0 and be able to write simple programs.  Interested students should speak to their instructors and ask for recommendations.