Prof. Linda Keen

My experience with the IBM-Lehman internship program is one of the most positive experiences in my career at Lehman. The students who have participated have shown growth, not only in terms of their computing skills, but in terms of their ability to see themselves as serious professionals. They have made interesting choices of where to go next and have been, as a group, extraordinarily successful. I'm very proud of them and proud to be part of the program.

Prof. Anthony Cocchi

I believe the IBM internship program gives our students an opportunity to be a part of a leading industrial research laboratory. As such, they can be a part of large-scale research projects extending the capabilities of leading edge commercial products (software and hardware) as well as exploring new areas of computer research.
Our students also get to meet, interact and work with research employees as well as students from other educational institutions. From such contacts, our students learn how to build and maintain research and development projects.

Prof. Rhys Eric Rosholt

IBM has provided Lehman's students with one of the best opportunities to launch a career in computing. Participating in computing in serious business and research settings gives our students experiences that cannot be gained in an academic setting. No other internship gives students as much as does the IBM program. I hope our cooperative program with IBM lasts a long time.