The IBM-Lehman College Internship Program is a joint venture between Lehman College and the TJ Watson Research Division of IBM in Hawthorne, NY. Its purpose is to help women and underrepresented minority undergraduates at Lehman College to gain an appreciation of a career in research and at the same time to give them support in developing the skills needed to be successful in graduate school.

The program provides intern positions for a small number of qualified Lehman computer science students at the Hawthorne facility. The students are paid for their part-time work and receive course credit at Lehman for their work. Assuming satisfactory performance, these internships last for two academic years. Students work two full days per week during the semester and may work full time during the rest of the year. They spend at least one summer at IBM during which time they meet with other IBM interns and take part in special programs for interns.

The program began in the spring semester of 2000. In each semester since its inception, there have been between 4 and 12 students working at IBM. As of Spring 2011, there are 6 interns. As can be seen from the links on this webpage, most of the graduates have gone on to graduate programs. Several have obtained positions at IBM.

Lehman students interested in becoming interns should see or email Prof. Linda Keen, room 137E Gillet Hall. 718-960-8867, Linda.Keen@