Networking Links

Important Organizations

IETF Home Page
The Internet Engineering Task Force: This site has information about what it's doing.
IANA Home Page
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
SIGCOMM Links to Research and Standards
ACM-SIGCOMM is a community of networking researchers
RIPE NCC - New Projects - RIS
ARIN Home Page

RFC index
STD index
BCP index
FYI index
RFC Search:

Cisco Links

Cisco Home
Academy Connection - Certification Information
Technical Documents

Language and Pronunciation

The New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents
pronunciation guide for unix

Internet Maps

An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Internet Mapping Project: Map gallery
Zooknic Internet Geography Project

Network Architectures

ISO/OSI Network Model
The 7-layer architecture
The ISO Open Systems Interconnect Architecture
Another presentation of the 7-layer architecture
Criticisms of the ISO OSI Reference Model
Application Data, TCP Header, IP header, and Ethernet Header in an Ethernet (Data Link Layer) Frame
The headers at the 4 layers of the Internet architecture

Data Link Layer


Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
Linux Ethernet-Howto
Ethernet Codes master page


Network Computing | Workshop | Infrastructure | Anatomy of IEEE 802.11b Wireless | Page 1 | August 7, 2000
802.11b Community Network List
O'Reilly Network: 802.11b Tips, Tricks, and Facts [Mar. 02, 2001]
O'Reilly Network: Recipe for a Linux 802.11b Home Network [Mar. 06, 2001]

Standard Group MAC Addresses Tutorial
Portfolio of Standards to "Get IEEE 802"(TM)

Network Layer

IPv6 Deployment Strategies
Simple DNS Plus - Windows DNS Server
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
Cisco - Host and Subnet Quantities


Network Calculators
Learn To Subnet: A Free, Lecture-Based Presentation on IP Addressing and Subnetting
IP Addressing Space Design Issues For Internet Data Centers

Network Maps

Internet Mapping Project
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
MCI UK : Our Network : MCI's Global Network

Transport Layer

Linux 2.0.36 TCP performance fix for short messages

Application Layer

[Chapter 2] How Does DNS Work?

Network Monitoring

TCPDUMP public repository
Documentation, source code, and binaries for tcpdump
Ethereal: A Network Protocol Analyzer
Documentation and downloads for Ethereal


OPNET Technologies, Software Download
Simulates an entire network. This is expensive.
The Network Simulator - ns-2
Free downloadable network simulator
MIMIC IOS Simulator
Cisco IOS simulator; can be used to study for certification exams. I don't know how good it is.


The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Linux online: A community-based and community-supported site for Linux information. Donations of knowledge and money keep it going.
UK Linux On-line
The United Kingdom's very own Linux site
Linux Online - Documentation
Index to Linux documentation.
The Linux Review | Resources for Linux Users


Linux Online Guides to "how to" do various things

Linux Online - The Linux Installation HOWTO
The first how-to you should read.
Linux Online - LILO mini-HOWTO
Setting up a dual boot machine with LILO

Networking How-to's

Linux Online - Linux Networking HOWTO
Linux Online - Setting Up Your New Domain Mini-HOWTO.
Linux Online - Linux Ethernet-Howto
Linux Online - Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network
Linux Online - Setting up IP Aliasing on A Linux Machine Mini-HOWTO
Linux Online - IP Sub-Networking Mini-Howto
Setting up an FTP server
How to set up the ftp server used in Red Hat Linux
Quick HOWTO: Linux FTP Server Setup
Linux Ethernet-Howto

Linux Online - HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux
Women who like Linux and Linux hackers who like women might find this interesting
Setting up DHCP and TFTP servers
Mitel Networks SME Server developers site

WU-FTPD Development Group
This is the ftp daemon used in Red Hat Linux
The Linux Kernel
Unreliable Guide To Hacking The Linux Kernel

Unix System Administration

USAIL: Unix system administration independent learning
Integrating With the Network

DNS Root Name Server Query Response