Lehman College

Projects for Precalculus, MAT172

Text: R. Larson and R.P. Hostetler Precalculus, Houghton Mifflin Company 7th Edition
Supplies: A spiral notebook of graph paper for notes. A cheap scientific calculator with buttons for sin, cos, tan, Ln, and Log.
Homework: Approximately 2 hours of homework will be assigned each meeting and additional review assignments will be given on weekends. Most faculty will be checking whether the homework is completed while students do classwork. Odd problems have answers in the back so students can check their work before proceeding to the next problem. Working with study partners can make homework easier and more fun.
Math Lab: All students should plan on spending at least an hour a week at the Math Lab in Gillet 222. Be sure to have someone look over your homework to see if you are doing it correctly as an answer which matches the one in the back of the book doesn't guarantee you are doing things correctly.


Online Completing the Square Project from Arkansas State.

Online Max-Min Problem Sheet

Online Credit Card and Student Loans Worksheet

Online Inverses of Functions with Exponentials

Online Exponential Problem Sheet

Online Unit Circle Project

Review for Right Triangle Trigonometry

Syllabi and Projects for calculus and precalculus courses at Lehman College are available at http://comet.lehman.cuny.edu/calculus/ .