Calculus I Lab

Recommended Syllabus for Teachers of MAT 155

Calculus I Lab, MAT 155, 1 credit
Prerequisite: MAT 172 Corequisite:  MAT 175
Software: Maple Classic
Text same as 175: Larson, Hostetler and Evans, Calculus Early Transcendentals, Houghton Mifflin, third edition.
Projects are available below: just click on the project name and save the file as 155.00.01.mws, 155.00.02.mws ... so that it can be read by Maple. These projects were designed by Prof. Sormani in Fall 2000 based in part on old labs by Prof. Phillips and updated by Prof. Fisher.

Note: Each week there will be a new project assigned explaining the maple commands described in the syllabus. Students should be reminded to read the appropriate sections from Larson before coming to the lab. Some of this reading will be covered in the Calculus (MAT 175) but some readings may only be done for this course. All the projects have been designed to correspond to material learned in Calculus at least one week after it is taught in calculus. In particular, the final lab is an important topic and shouldn't be skipped. Instructors may use their own set of projects.

Students have highly varying computer skills and for this reason the projects have been divided into two parts. The first part is 3-4 numbered problems which all students must complete before continuing with further projects. If they don't complete them they will not know the necessary Maple commands and techniques to do the next project. Thus if a student misses a lab they should complete at least these parts in the computer lab before starting the next project. The second part is called the exploration and has 2-3 lettered problems. These are provided to give the better students an opportunity to explore. You may wish to assign different exploration problems or allow students to do only one exploration problem. Most students will not have time to do the entire project including all of the exploration. It is more important that these students start with the next lab the following week. It should be quite possible for students to ace the exams even if they have not done the explorations. If you grade each project weekly, you may wish to give B's for perfect projects with no exploration, A's with one completed exploration problem, and extra credit for complete projects.

Glitches Students with very little computer experience should sit next to students who have used windows in the past. This will avoid most of the usual difficulties. If a student loses a file check the recycle bin icon. Note the projects below were written in Maple V and work with Maple Classic. Let the Maple program think they are Maple Classic and save them. Do not allow Maple to update them or they will be completely ruined. Professor Handel has a set of updated labs.



Do not allow Maple to try to update the files. This will mess them up. Let it believe they are in Maple Classic and then save them with a new name and work with that name. .

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