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Several students in the past questioned the wisdom of the switch form C++ to Java in terms of job opportunities. Read this:

Just one such article

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Doctor Dobb's Journal has a book review column in each issue. Each such review dating back to 1990 is archieved on it's website. Some of these reviews may be of interest to you. Specifically the ones concerning Java, C++, and/or Object Oriented Program ming. Some specific links you might want to look into are as follows:

Listing of Archieved Book Reviews

Some Specific Articles
Brief excerpts provided to help you decide if you're interested in reading further:

A link to the artilce from Doctor Dobbs Journal that discusses "The Top Ten: Strategies for Surviving the Shifts" can be found on this link along with many other articles related to the programming job market.

CMP 326
The April 1998 issue of Byte magazine contains the article concerning PC crashes that we may discuss in class. You can read the entire artile at the website by selecting April Issue, Cover Story, and then each of the 13 related links to the cover story.
Or just take this short cut to the cover story and then click the 13 related links.